Pina Kale-Ada

Dirt Candy has been around forever and it’s still hard to get a damn table there.

And after living in NYC for three years now, I finally decided to go see what all the fuss is about. I mean, how delicious can a bunch of vegetables be?

Very. Is the simple answer.

I had recently seen a shot on Instagram (sorry, I meant IG for all you millenials who left IG for SnapChat years ago) of the Brussels sprouts tacos and I knew I had to have them.

I mean, how ridiculous. Instead of meat, you’re giving me a handful of Brussels sprouts and charging me $36 for the lot. We’re both assholes at this point, but there was no wavering on the ordering of this dish. It was going to happen.

Upon first glance of the menu, chock filled with words like “KALE” and “CARROT” and “RUTABAGA” splashed about as if this were the flier featuring the artists lineup at Coachella.

I mean, how good could “CARROT” possibly be?? I knew they wouldn’t have been evil enough to present me with a plain, single carrot on fine china. But still. Come on.

And what do you know? CARROT ended up being our favorite dish! After the insane Korean Fried Broccoli (just what it sounds like, covered in a sticky garlic sesame sauce. Order this or die), that is.

CARROT ended up being 3 carrot sliders (yes, thick cooked slices of carrots) with a special sauce on carrot sesame seed buns. Yes, the buns had incorporated carrots. Ingenious.

The Brussels sprouts tacos ended up being super tasty and fun, with over a half dozen little ramekins of fun things to make your own lettuce tacos (Atkins alert!). The Sprouts came out on a sizzling stone, which makes you just want to touch it because you know you shouldn’t. Hint: don’t.

We also ordered this fun Rutabega cake who’s picture did not turn out.

You also must order the caramelized onion chocolate tart. Trust me on this. It works and it’s fantastic!

Two things we were not impressed with: The vegetable monkey bread (bland) and the Pumpkin pad Thai (pretty looking boat of some unimpressive raw veggies and not a ton of flavor).

I can’t speak to the cocktails but I wasn’t really impressed with my Pina Kale-ada. It was fun. Maybe just stick to the wine and pretty much order anything on the menu and you’ll be set.

86 Allen St
New York, NY 10002
Lower East Side
(212) 228-7732

Vegetable Monkey Bread – $4

Korean Fried Broccoli $8

Pumpkin Pad Thai

Carrot $13
Carrot Sliders on Carrot Buns

Brussels Sprout Tacos $30

Onion Chocolate Tart $13
Smoked Almond Ice Cream