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  • February 21, 2020 5:10 am

I struggled long and hard to find some type of acceptable Llama pun eventually but came up short.

You’re welcome.

The Llama group of restaurants (Llama Inn in Brooklyn, Llamita in the West Village and now Llama San) have really etched themselves onto the NYC landscape as Peruvian restaurants to be taken seriously.

Or whatever.

Llama San is Japanese Peruvian but I think more of the Japanese food elements come through at brunch…or maybe just through the items we ordered.

The space is really pretty and incorporates the new trend of skylights surrounded by hanging greenery (which I’m totally here for) and the vibe is just pretentious enough to impress.

While the prices may be a tough steep (why do I even continue to mention the high prices when I live in NYC, what do I expect??) I found the portion sizes to be equivalent and the taste and quality of the food was outstanding.

The non-alcoholic beverage situation was a bit confusing, they really only offer elaborate Peruvian french press. Sugar and creamers were not offered.

It did appear that 1 in 3 diners were ordering the Pork Katsu Sandwich. It’s just a nicely seasoned and breaded pork cutlet inside some simple bread and drizzled with yummy sauces. You can’t go wrong.

Another impressive dish we ordered was the duck leg confit with egg. Not a ton of food but it was a gorgeously presented dish.

I think perhaps Llama San might be a better option for dinner but if you’re not in the mood to drink and just want a tasty fried pork sammie for breakfast, feel free to casually make a reservation a month in advance and hope you still are craving that in 30 days at 8 am or whenever time slot is actually available on Resy.





  • February 14, 2020 5:37 am

There aren’t a ton of high-end brunch options in FiDi.

There aren’t a ton of low-end brunch options either.

There aren’t a ton of appealing dining options in general here in the land of finance bros and no-sun.

However, Crown Shy’s appeal has apparently brought me all the way from sunny Chelsea to cold and dreary FiDi on this particular Saturday morning.

Crown Shy, brought to you by a former Eleven Madison Park chef, is located on the ground floor of the stunning Art Deco building at 70 Pine.

The restaurant interior is understated but still lovely; the entire place gives off hotel restaurant vibes. Pretty and Pricey.

We ordered the Skirt Steak and Egg and Biscuit situation, however, the star of the show was the Honey Glazed Bacon Bread with Ricotta.

Both unique and simple, this hefty slice of cake coated in a perfect layer of tiny crispy bacon bits was pure heaven. And then they go and give you a dollop of Ricotta and it’s game over.


While their biscuit could have used some work (and definitely about $5 too expensive) the skirt steak was delicious, gorgeously displayed and you get plenty of it. An anomaly.




  • February 9, 2020 5:29 am

So, what do you do when your pictures look simultaneously like a 1950’s Betty Crocker cookbook and pure pink vomit?

You post them anyway, unapologetically!

That being said, The Turk’s Inn is the embodiment of a 1950’s cookbook.

Originally a supper club from Wisconsin opened in 1934, Turk’s Inn was eventually brought to, appropriately, Brooklyn.

Retro Arabian nights vibes mixed with creative takes on midwest versions of Middle Eastern cuisine help create a really unique and festive atmosphere.

The Jeweled Pilaf (featured below with the Pepto-Bismol colored beet yogurt on top) and the Lamb Meatballs are highly recommended.

NOTE: the lighting inside is quite red….



  • February 8, 2020 4:23 pm

Wayan is the new restaurant from the son of the famed chef, Jean-Georges Vonsomethingorother.

Could I have Googled that and spelled his last name correctly? Yes. Yes, I could.

The theme is upscale French-Indonesian and while I could bitch and moan about the prices, we’re in Nolita. Not the best neighborhood for bargain hunting.

But is it worth it, you ask?

Yes! (mostly).

I think the satays (reasonably priced, around $20) are the best bang for your buck. Very tasty, unique and satisfying.

The Lobster Noodles seemed a bit too trendy, tired and expensive.

The Instagram friendly corn fritters are enormous and gorgeous and had a great texture, but perhaps could have benefited from some bolder flavors. Still, worth ordering.

I like going to fancy places for brunch. You end up getting to experience everything while spending a great deal less than you would have at dinner.

As much as I go out, I gotta watch those pennies. Sorry, it’s NYC, gotta watch those $100’s.


Corn Fritters


Pork Satay

Yellow Chicken

Lobster Noodles


  • January 10, 2020 10:12 pm



McSorley’s is an East Village institution.

Open since 1854, everyone from Abraham Lincoln to John Lennon have thrown back and probably spilled a few beers on the sawdust covered floor of this incredible time capsule.

And they left their wives at home as McSorley’s did not start allowing women until 1970!

It’s definitely one of my favorite old school dive bars.

Besides a limited food menu (the “cheese and crackers” appetizer is tasty and hilarious, they give you saltines!) McSorley’s only serves one thing.


Not Sam Adams or Bud Light. Just their own brew.

Light or Dark.

Whichever you order, they’ll give you two glasses of automatically.

See picture below. 5 people will receive 10 beers.

But what we’re here to discuss today is the amazing burger.

And by discuss, I mean maybe 3 more sentences tops.

The burger is simple and delicious. Nothing is gourmet, nothing is locally sourced.

So. Damn. Good.




  • December 27, 2019 11:03 pm

Jeju is officially the best deal in town (for a tasting menu at a Michelin starred restaurant, I mean).

Where else can you get a delicious 6 course meal for $55 a person??

Hint: in NYC, you can’t.

You started out with fatty tuna sashimi with little seaweed wraps, a few very tasty fried chicken wings and these scrumptious, decadent Truffle Roasted Mushrooms with as much shaved truffles as you desire.

Then came the hefty portion of rib eye that we could barely finish.

Followed by a portion of Ramyun (a Korean version of Ramen) that was probably the least satisfying course, but still eagerly consumed.

We were stuffed after all that grub so were pleasantly surprised with a simple portion of ice cream, which everyone knows there is always room for.

The main Con I can think of is that Jeju is mostly a walk-in situation. We arrived shortly after they opened and our wait time was over an hour. That being said, there are plenty of nearby bars around to spend that time, so it’s not a big concern.


And in unrelated news, here are a few pics of our Christmas tree that we raced home after dinner to decorate!


  • November 29, 2019 3:19 pm


Chivo en Coco – Young goat stew in a coconut and red & green pepper sauce

If you’re like me (which, don’t kid yourself, you are not but you desperately wished you were) than you’ve walked by this place a dozen times and thought “I should eat here sometime!”

(Just a reminder, you are NOT me).

So, today I thought “Ok, today’s the day I eat at El Cocotero!”

Except I probably totally mispronounced it.

We arrived at opening time on a Saturday (11 am) and enjoyed a very delicious Venezuelan brunch.

I can’t really think of any other Venezuelan place this side of 125th street, so it’s definitely a neighborhood gem.

Or Jam as my autocorrect keeps trying to make me say.

Probably because I misspelled ‘Gem’ as ‘Jem’ (I’m baffled why “…and the Holograms” was not then suggested by Autocorrect).

Moving on.

The menu is massive and you’ll probably get a little overwhelmed but just know that whatever you order is probably delicious so do not fret.

HOWEVER, you certainly must order the Arepitas sampler for the table (maybe even 2, since they come as just 4 per order).

If you live in NYC, you’ve seen Arepas hocked at any type of event or street fair. They’re these fried corn cakes stuffed with cheese but they can be stuffed with anything your heart desires!

And at El Cocotero, the sampler has them stuffed with beef, chicken and various cheeses. So good.

Something else you must order are the Cachapas.

They’re these amazing sweet corn pancakes stuffed with various savory items such as slow roasted pork, Venezuelan cheeses or the Venezuelan pot roast that I ordered.

Defintely one of the best dishes I’ve EVER had.


(One last reminder, you are NOT and could NEVER be me).

Thanks bye!

Cachapas w/ Venezuelan pot roast

Sampler Arepitas




  • November 28, 2019 5:29 am


The 21 Club has a long and fascinating history (I just read an abbreviated Thrillist version a few moments ago) but I won’t bother retelling it.

I’ll either end up lying or making most of it up.

The current location started as a speakeasy and restaurant in 1929 and it’s been a New York City institution ever since.

It’s great for a quick dinner before a Broadway show but I also love it during NY Restaurant Week.

For $42 you get a filling 3 course dinner, which I feel is about a 50% discount.

Which is also why I ONLY come during restaurant week.

Definitely a special occasion place (jackets required) and the ambiance and crowd are both throwbacks to a different era  when people actually WANTED to wear a suit.

I would say the food is a solid B. Not amazing but still a solid, tasty, old fashioned meal at an iconic NYC landmark.


  • November 22, 2019 2:50 pm


Truffle Pasta of some kind….

If you are looking for a super, duper cute little pasta place in the west village, than literally look no further (literally) than….however you pronounce the name of this place.

Let’s call it FP.

FP is impossibly tiny and charming (aka, no large groups and be prepared to wait during peak dining times), it almost feels like you’re actually in Italy and not instead at some pretentious NYC version.

They make all their own fresh pastas (also, besides some appetizers, that’s pretty much all they serve) and they do so in a glass enclosed little room in the front, where you can watch like the dirty little voyeur you are.

Prices aren’t cheap but they aren’t expensive, everything is about $20-$24 with the exception of the truffle dish above, which currently costs $32 and is WORTH IT.

Definitely a good option if I Sodi or Via Carota (the hottest two Italian eateries in the neighborhood, if not the city) are all booked up.






  • November 17, 2019 2:49 pm


If you like your burgers so rare that your hands are covered in cow blood while trying to look dignified in a nice restaurant, then Victor’s is for you!

Granted, the burger was quite tasty and I enjoyed the addition of Manchego cheese to help cover up the taste of pure bloody carnage.

Instead of the usual fries, the burger comes with plantain chips which were perfectly thin and crispy.

We started with an order of Bartolito, which are sweet plantain croquettes stuffed with pork, black bean purée and topped with goat cheese. Quite necessary.

I had noticed that pretty much every table in the joint was ordering the Cuban Sandwich, which comes in 4 nicely displayed triangles and seemed like a substantial portion.

Always nice when an upscale restaurant decides to buck the trend and actually serve American sized portions, AKA the size of three human stomachs.

Hint: Try to sit in the brightly light, festive indoor courtyard in the back and not the dismal throw away section in the front, that we sat at.

Grilled Red Snapper, ginger, black beans, sesame oil, Serrano chili and bok choy.