Sai Oua & Pork Belly Set – $21
Two Fried Eggs, Grilled Thai Pork Sausage, Berkshire Pork Belly, Papaya Salad, Sticky Rice



The only thing preventing me from crying in my curry about being denied access to the supposedly lovely outdoor patio (wait time was 45 minutes) was how yummy the food was!

You’re lucky, Wayla! Really lucky.




When we arrived at this Lower East Side hotspot, we had a bit of trouble figuring out where to go. Wayla is located in a nondescript basement with practically zero signage (see pic below).

So, when some stranger saw my struggle and decided to instruct me where to go, I was secretly horrified.

This is my JOB, people. I should KNOW this. Get with the program, Bun Boy.

Clearly I have a serious disorder and the idea of being seen as someone who does not know where he is going or what he is doing is just ABHORRENT!


We get seated in what is basically the hallway to the ever elusive outdoor patio we proceed to order our guts out.

We start with the infamous crispy noodle wrapped meatballs (which people seemed disappointed by, on Yelp) and the Berskhire Pork appetizer.

The meatballs are simple but once dipped in the sweet chili sauce, come alive. They’re only $8 so whatever.

The Berkshire pork dish is sort of like a deconstructed lettuce wrap appetizer. Everything is nicely dressed and served cold atop a few lettuce leaves.

If you feel like it, you can unearth the soggy lettuce leaves and attempt to make yourself a lettuce wrap.

Then, you’ll give up because the damn thing is so messy and just eat the remainder like a salad.

But it’s SO tasty. The vinaigrette has a nice tart bite to it.

The chicken is your standard fried chicken but it’s that green sauce that elevates things. Not sure what the ingredients are but it has the essence of that mint cilantro sauce that Indian samosas come with.

I think I enjoyed the green curry noodles the best. They weren’t very spicy but they were packed with flavor and came as a nice sized portion.

Just an FYI, two apps and two mains for two people here is a LOT of food. Come hungry, be ready for leftovers or maybe only order one app?

(But underordering is SOOOOOO boring….)


***Oct 31, 2019 UPDATE*****

I came back for brunch and got to sit at the patio! WORTH IT.



100 Forsyth St
New York, NY 10002


Wayla is located downstairs, in the basement

Khao Mung Gai Tod – $16
Thai Style Coriander Fried Chicken, chicken rice, sweet chili sauce

Moo Sarong – Crispy Noodle Wrapped Pork Meatball

Yum Khor Moo Yang – Grilled Berkshire Pork, Shallots, Basil, Chilies, Bibb Lettuce Wrap

Mee Pad Kang Kiao Wan Pak – Green Curry Noodles

Gai Tod Hat Yai – Southern Fried Amish Chicken