If you like your burgers so rare that your hands are covered in cow blood while trying to look dignified in a nice restaurant, then Victor’s is for you!

Granted, the burger was quite tasty and I enjoyed the addition of Manchego cheese to help cover up the taste of pure bloody carnage.

Instead of the usual fries, the burger comes with plantain chips which were perfectly thin and crispy.

We started with an order of Bartolito, which are sweet plantain croquettes stuffed with pork, black bean purée and topped with goat cheese. Quite necessary.

I had noticed that pretty much every table in the joint was ordering the Cuban Sandwich, which comes in 4 nicely displayed triangles and seemed like a substantial portion.

Always nice when an upscale restaurant decides to buck the trend and actually serve American sized portions, AKA the size of three human stomachs.

Hint: Try to sit in the brightly light, festive indoor courtyard in the back and not the dismal throw away section in the front, that we sat at.

Grilled Red Snapper, ginger, black beans, sesame oil, Serrano chili and bok choy.