Curry Udon – $16

When Tsurotontan first opened, there were crazy lines to get in.

And since I am a sheep when it comes to hot new restaurants, I knew I had to go. A little misery always makes food taste better!

But since I’m also a bit lazy, I didn’t show up for a few months later, when we were able to slide right in for lunch.

Like with any Japanese eatery, if there is chicken Karaage on the menu, I’m gettin’ it. And this was no exception.

The chicken came with a nice pink sauce (Was it beet? Was it blood?) and overall it was impressive and not too fatty, which can sometimes be the case with those mini fried chicken lovelies.

I don’t usually go nuts over Udon. Udon is Ramen, if you removed all the flavor and then replaced the usually delicious noodles with thick rubber bands.

No thanks.

But the thick, rich curry flavored broth that accompanied our chewy, slightly rubber band noodles was just heaven! We ordered the large size and we could have taken a bath inside the bowl that came out.

Highly recommended!

21 E 16th St
New York, NY 10003
b/t W Union Sq & 5th Ave
Union Square, Flatiron
(212) 989-1000

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