The Ribbon is a fine choice for brunch on the Upper West Side.

That may not sound like a rave review, but trust me. That’s my happy face.

Let’s face it, I don’t venture up yonder very often to get my eatin’ on. I have some semblance of taste, after all.

But there are a few decent eateries up north, and The Ribbon is one of them. Plus, it’s pretty spacious so you won’t have to worry about making some silly reservation, like a poor person.

They have some creative and, more importantly, heavy handed mimosas to choose from. So, do that.

The Deviled Eggs with pickled peppers (which I also recently had at Motel Morris) were a nice start but definitely someone in your party should order the Hot Chicken and Cheddar Chive Pancake. That sh*t was truly tasty.

Ok, it’s Friday so I have better things to do than write some dumb blog post. Who has a blog anymore, anyway?? Poor people, that’s who.

20 W 72nd St
New York, NY 10023
b/t W Central Park & Columbus Ave
Upper West Side
(347) 504-7541

Mimosas – $13

Deviled Eggs w/ Pickled Peppers – $7

Smoked Nueske Bacon – $8

Blueberry Pancake – $17

Hot Chicken & Cheddar Chive Pancake – $21