If I were 15 years younger or if were 6 months ago, I would say that my meal at The Grill was delicious AF.

Everyone was super excited when this place first opened (I won’t bore you with the reasons why, aka: I read online that people were excited) so I made sure that securing a reservation here became the order of the day (before bowel movements).

And I was not disappointed. Dining here is truly a bowel moving experience.

OK, I really need to get off that train…..

I’m not someone that gets excited about Prime Rib. In my mind, Prime Rib is what you eat at weddings or what everyone ate at restaurants in the 1950’s.

But at The Grill, it’s the star of the show. Order it. Order it because it’s thick and delicious and is delivered by trolley directly to your table.

First, however, start with a few appetizers.

Start with the AMAZING crab cake (topped with crispy scalloped potatoes) and also get the theatric Pasta a la Presse.

When you order this dish, you’re treated to a live execution of a tasty looking platter of roast chicken, herbs and veggies. The server dumps this perfectly lovely looking dinner into an antique French torture device and squeezes all life out of it until this unique and wonderful essence oozes out and then is tossed with some pasta. You will never taste anything like it.

We ordered the grasshopper pie for dessert because it’s pretty. Not because we were particularly hungry (the complimentary bread basket helped see to that). We actually had no room left in our fat effing bellies.

However, in honor of the Great Gatsby d├ęcor and general over the top vibe, we dove head first into extreme and glorious excess.

99 E 52nd St
New York, NY 10022
b/t Madison Ave & Park Ave
Midtown East
(212) 375-9001

Nutted Wild Rice – $12

The Seagram Crab Cake

This is the stuff they press to make the Presse!

Pasta a la Presse

Prime Rib – Trolley Service $62

Grasshopper Pie