Toro & Salmon Nigiri

Masa is officially the most expensive restaurant in NYC.

Now, I’m not one to quabble about cost when it comes to food. I’ll spend enormous sums that I don’t have in order to experience most kinds of culinary pleasures.

But I don’t eat shellfish (except the occasionally crab) so I’m just no fun at your typical sushi restaurant.

And since Masa is an omakase situation (a Japanese expression meaning “I’ll leave it to you”) there is no way in hell I’ll spend $500 and leave it to the chef to bring me all sorts of horrors from the deep.

Like I said, I’m no fun.

Tetsu is the much more affordable, hipper cousin (with a few tattoos, but no tramp stamps) from the Masa folks.

While I see the recent Yelp reviews are slightly less than stellar, I really loved my experience here.

The service was prompt and friendly. Maybe too prompt. Oh well, my seat had no back so there was definitely an expiration date on this meal for my lil ole back.

The famous burger (which is only served between the blue plate special hours of 5 – 6 pm) was really good but super simple. Judging from my picture below, it looked like it was 75% bun, but don’t be fooled. The bun was ultra soft and squished down nicely. This was a delicious burger.

The two meats on sticks were also both delicious.

But the star of the show was the Toro Nigiri. Blew me away. the perfect bite of food. The price is for ONE piece, so remember that when you keep harassing the waiter to come back time and time to bring you more sushi.

For all you see below (two drinks each and almost enough food), the cost was about $109 per person (including tip) so keep that in mind.

78 Leonard St
New York, NY 10013 b/t Broadway & Church St
TriBeCa, Civic Center


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