Talde might be best known for their pretzel pork and chive dumplings (which are VERY good) but they also can take pride in the fact that they serve the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had!

It’s listed on the menu as a Bacon Pad Thai, so not really a mystery why it’s so damn good. The culprit, Inspector Clouseau, is bacon.

The Breakfast Ramen was enjoyable but definitely the weakest of the three things we ordered.

I don’t get out to Brooklyn nearly enough (mostly because all the restaurants are so cheap, that it seems like a waste of a long subway ride for a quick $10 meal.

Thankfully Talde isn’t that cheap. 😉

369 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
b/t 6th Ave & 5th Ave
South Slope, Park Slope
Phone number (347) 916-0031