CRISPY TAQUITOS served with spicy aji panca sauce and fresh lime
YELLOWTAIL* avocado and roasted corn miso 6.5/each
minimum 2 per order

When you walk by Sushi Samba, you assume it’s going to be the worst sushi place ever. A place for drinks maybe, but not food.

You would be wrong!

The food was fantastic.

Sure, this is a chain restaurant but don’t hold that against it. The drinks are dope (just kidding, I don’t say dope. They’re sick. I also don’t say sick) the outdoor seating is so nice (especially the 2nd floor) and the food, while a bit pricey, is so so tasty.

Especially those yellowtail taquitos…which are really tacos, not taquitos but whatevs.

I also don’t say whatevs.

87 7th Ave S
New York, NY 10014
b/t Grove St & S 7 Ave
West Village
(212) 691-7885

Rum, plantain purée and aromatized wine shaken with egg white, banana, cacao and a coffee infusion. Served on the rocks. 15
The national drink of Brazil made with cachaça and churned with lime and sugar. Served short. 12

Anticuchos – RIBEYE aji panca and peruvian corn 14

WAGYU GYOZA kabocha purée and su-shoyu dipping sauce 16

Samba Rolls:
EZO soy-marinated salmon, asparagus, red onion, chive, sesame, tempura flake, wasabi mayonnaise, soy paper 14
HAMAPEÑO yellowtail, shrimp tempura, smoked jalapeño, cilantro 15