I came here for one, solitary reason.

That cheesy as hell burger above.

Now, I’m often disappointed by these enormous, gourmet burgers that run you $29 bucks and leave you dreaming of Burger King.

The patty is way too thick and rare and is surprisingly under seasoned. I like an old school diner burger. Thin, char-broiled within an inch of it’s life patty, special sauce, some pickle situation, super soft bun. Something I can actually eat with my hands.

This burger is none of those things.

But it’s delicious and I want another one right now!

The beef patty was definitely on the rare side but I ate still every single bite. The cheese (an aged cheddar) and those little blistered tomatoes tied it all together and created something magical.

If you’re also in the mood for a starter, you could do worse than order those simple but tasty deviled eggs.

Don’t be fooled at first glance by Suprema Provision’s faux artisan storefront. It’s not exactly set up to push your shopping cart down the aisles.

305 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014 b/t Grove St & Barrow St
West Village       

(646) 964-4994



Black Truffle Deviled Eggs – $9

Braesola, Lemon Aioli, Arugula Sandwich

Suprema Burger
short rib, brisket, iberico jamon bacon jam, black garlic sauce