Hotel restaurants are very consistent.

The décor is stunning, the food is tasty and the prices are high (to pay for the décor and whatever shortfall the hotel is experiencing).

Simon and the Whale (great name) located in the Freehand hotel (one of 1.25 million boutique hotels in NYC that I’ve never heard of) is no exception.

$24 for a burger is standard NYC fare lately, but this one stands out for it’s crispy bun and plentiful green chilies (which aren’t even mention on the menu) and it’s a beaut. The tasty fries appear to be homemade, too.

The fish sandwich was a bit of a letdown, however. Also featured on the dinner menu, this plate is pretty but the sandwich falls apart when you pick it up and the fish is very delicate and not heavily breaded enough to keep it from becoming a big mess of fish and bread on your plate. I also found the fish a bit…..fishy.

Definitely start with the nectarine cream cheese Danish. Even if they’re not serving it. Insist on it or you’ll alert your local congressman!

Service was prompt and friendly and it’s a perfect place for a brief brunch but I think the dinner menu may be a bit more dynamic.

Unless you’re really jonesing for that burger, which is not on the dinner menu.

23 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10010 b/t 24th St & 23rd St
Flatiron, Gramercy, Kips Bay

 (212) 475-1924


Bloody Mary


jack cheese, tomato aioli, crispy shallot, french fries

cole slaw, poppy seed challah, arugula salad