I had originally only chosen Prime Meats because it was in close proximity to the mini golf place we wanted to check out.

While the golf place was cute and all, once we got past the slight weirdness of two adult males being in a building chock full of screaming 7 year olds, Prime Meats ended up being the highlight of the afternoon.

Prime Meats does all their own meats in-house. I say “does” because I’m not entirely sure to what extent they handle their meats, so I’m sort of quoting our server.

Was there a slaughterhouse in the basement? One can only guess. Or Google, if you’re less lazy than me.

Once I found out that the hot dogs were “made” there, I knew that’s what I needed to order. Plus, you get TWO of them, which is nice because one is never enough and two is too many, but when given the option, I always err on the side of too man / instant regret.

Sometimes artisan hot dogs creep me out because of the obvious snap of the casing, but the subtle snap of these lil guys was easy to ignore.

The burger was awesome, like the kind of simple burger you’d BBQ on the grill at home. Although, I’m sure the quality of Prime Meat’s burgers are 100 times better than the cheap, on-sale crap you would buy. Because you’re cheap, just face it.

The interior has a nice, dark wood steakhouse feel but it’s super casual so no need to dress up. Also, it’s Brooklyn, so you wouldn’t dress up anyways. Unless you were finding the perfect lumberjack outfit to go with that nappy ass beard of yours.

465 Court St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
b/t Luquer St & 4th Pl
Carroll Gardens
(718) 254-0327

The Prime Meats 5oz Burger – $14

Hot Dogs – $14