Pigs in Parker House Rolls with Pig Beach Mustard Sauce – $9

Pig Bleeker is one of those countless NYC restaurants that look good and taste good but just not good enough to return to.

In a town with so many great restaurants, there is no need to waste one’s time repeating a good one.

The three starters were ordered were all fine. None of them would fall into the “yummy” category and both the chicken and parker house rolls were on the dry side.

The meatballs and brisket ravioli were both really good. Much better than the starters.

Just a smidge below great.

I feel like we also missed out by not ordering a big hunk of meat. That could have been our downfall. Please feel free to fault us for that.

Cocktails were very tasty. The Mint Julep, however, contained only about 4 hefty sips. Big pet peeve of mine.

The other two were much more sizable.

In summary, please reread the first sentence of this review.

Good day to you all.

155 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012
b/t Thompson St & Sullivan St
Greenwich Village
(646) 756-5115

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