Peaches has a bunch of other stuff on the menu, but I came here for the Hot Chicken. Does anything else in life really matter?

I’m not an expert and haven’t even Googled “Nashville Hot Chicken” but I believe it’s basically fried chicken with a bunch of cayenne in the breading. Like, a lot.

Or, if you order the “Extra Hot” chicken at Peaches, it’s ghost chili powder. Way too hot to eat with your hands, best to eat with a fork and knife. If you want your traditional, just order the “Hot” option.

The collards were a bit bland, so if you really want ’em, douse them with the complimentary hot sauce at your table, to give them that vinegar kick that’s missing.

Why mac and cheese isn’t served at brunch is beyond me?? We aren’t coming here for the avocado toast, mother*cker!

Make sure you order the Crispy Grits, they are truly unique and delicious.

The chicken was good, just a smidge on the dry side. I’ve had jucier breasts before (wink, wink) (just kidding) but the thigh and leg were nice (each order comes with three pieces) and you get a complimentary side.

415 Tompkins Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11216
b/t Hancock St & Jefferson Ave
Bedford Stuyvesant
(718) 483-9111