One of my very favorite things in life is a fun day/evening out finished with an amazing meal.

Even better when the day is spent with your bestie.

The theme of the day was the theme of many of our days together. A crawl.

Since there is an enormity of eateries and fun bars to explore in Bushwick, we centralized the crawl there.

We started with some incredible breakfast burritos (see my other post about The Awkward Scone) and after hitting up a fun Tiki Drag Brunch (which serves simple but perfect pasta salad) and exploring Bushwick on foot, we ended up playing Guess Who at a quirky dive bar for a few hours.

Guess Who, the game that encourages blatant stereotypes, offensive generalization and a tough of not so subtle racism.

We ended our perfect day with a perfect pizza.

Ops is a dark, moody, intimate (insanely popular) spot that serves simple sourdough Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas.

They don’t take reservations so best to arrive early or put your name down and prepare to wait hours.

What Ops does NOT excel in is cocktails. One of ours was not great, one was not drinkable. Stick to wine.

Let’s get back to the pizza. No matter what, order the Margarita. It’s absolute perfection, nothing could be improved upon.

We also ordered the Cicero pie (which quite accurately describes “MANY ONIONS”) but those onions could be offensive to some. We loved them. Definitely not ideal when on a date. Only with a bestie who does not care what your breath smells like.

I see the square pie is quite popular (per my 45 second scanning on Yelp) but it’s also $13 more than the Margarita so perhaps save that for a bigger group. Although not sure where any group bigger than 4 would fit in this place.


Love a good bathroom….