The server at this popular ramen joint right next to the MOMA PS1 museum building warned me about the extra large noodles in the Spicy Miso ramen dish I had ordered.

Did I listen?


Did I like the noodles?


Is this all my fault and I should just die?


Was the broth amazing?


I tried their signature Mu Ramen dish, with it’s oxtail and bone marrow broth and found it a bit to delicate (almost bland) for my tastes but my dining companion slurped up every bite!

While this place was cute and the ramen was good, I wouldn’t make a special trek for it.

Plus, they’re cash only. What’s a cash??

12-09 Jackson Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101
Hunters Point, Long Island City
(917) 868-8903

Tebasaki Gyoza 16
deep fried chicken wings stuffed with foie and brioche

red miso and pork based soup, topped with scallion, chopped pork, menma, corn, sesame and chili oil

oxtail and bone marrow based soup, bisket, half sour pickle, menma, cabbage and scallions

MOMA PS1 Musem

MOMA PS1 Museum