Pimento Cheese
Deviled Eggs
pickled chilis

Motel Morris is a bustling new eatery located on a street in Chelsea featuring some deeply average and uninspired restaurants. They must hate this place!

I loved everything we ordered.

The cocktails are served in those infuriating vintage cocktail glasses that would appear small even in a doll’s drunk hand. But they’re boozy and pack a punch, so do not disregard them. But they also have sparkling rose on tap, so that’s a fun alternative.

We started out with the Pimento Deviled Eggs, which are on the sour side because of the pickled peppers. I loved the sourness but my dining companion did not. But he’s dumb.

I ordered the Everything Bagel Crusted Tuna, which is on the lighter side but very tasty. It comes with an enormous grilled hunk of avocado, which should prevent anyone around you from whispering that you’re on some sort of restrictive diet. After all, there are so many aspects of your physical appearance they’ll already be whispering about.

The Chicken Fried Buttermilk Pork Chop is a very nice sized hunk of meat and it comes with these fun fried shoestring sweet potatoes and some amazing vinegary collard greens. I actually think I enjoyed the greens more than the chop! Who am I??

We ended with the delicious sounding and tasting Butterscotch Pudding Pie and my lord! If you don’t order this, I’ll join in on the poking fun of your physical appearance that everyone else in the restaurant is currently engaged in.

132 7th Ave
New York, NY 10011
b/t 18th St & 17th St
(646) 880-4810

woody creek gin, dolin rouge, fernet branca
rough rider rye, mezcal, cappelletti,
byrrh quinquina

Chicken Fried Buttermilk Pork Chop
black eyed peas, vinegary collards, shoe string
sweet potato

Everything “Bagel” Crusted Tuna
grilled avocado, buttered scallion basmati,
mint cilantro pesto

Butterscotch Banana
Pudding Pie
butter brittle, graham cracker,
whipped cream

Complimentary Salt Water Taffy