McSorley’s is an East Village institution.

Open since 1854, everyone from Abraham Lincoln to John Lennon have thrown back and probably spilled a few beers on the sawdust covered floor of this incredible time capsule.

And they left their wives at home as McSorley’s did not start allowing women until 1970!

It’s definitely one of my favorite old school dive bars.

Besides a limited food menu (the “cheese and crackers” appetizer is tasty and hilarious, they give you saltines!) McSorley’s only serves one thing.


Not Sam Adams or Bud Light. Just their own brew.

Light or Dark.

Whichever you order, they’ll give you two glasses of automatically.

See picture below. 5 people will receive 10 beers.

But what we’re here to discuss today is the amazing burger.

And by discuss, I mean maybe 3 more sentences tops.

The burger is simple and delicious. Nothing is gourmet, nothing is locally sourced.

So. Damn. Good.