While I was waiting for my “pie” at the Chelsea’s new casual Detroit pizza joint, I witnessed many a customer enter, find out they don’t serve slices and then promptly leave.

Their loss!

Sure, while this isn’t where you go for a quick bite for 1 (my sausage and onion pizza, separated into six square slices cost $12 bucks) this is definitely where you need to go if you love Detroit style pizza and you are with a friend or loved one.

And by 2, I mean 1 hungry Bun Boy.

I really had every intention on eating the rest later….but the poor thing was just sitting there….uneaten….waiting to be devoured. I really had no choice!

The pizza was just pure perfection. Just thick enough (like a Sicilian style) to not sit in your gut like a bowling ball like Chicago style. The crust had a slight sweetness to it, which really complimented the sausage and onions. There wasn’t any tomato sauce (which may be a problem for some) but I didn’t miss it.

Damn, I might have to go and get another one today! And share with someone else this time. Someone who’s name rhymes with Fun Foy.

UPDATE: I’m hearing they are now offering smaller sizes for less money!

268 W 23rd St
New York, NY 10011 b/t 7th Ave & 8th Ave