Le Coucou came out of the gate with a little too much buzz. Apparently SoHo needed another upscale European eatery.

Also, they made you put down a credit card to make a ressie, which always bugs me. It’s not a matter of the money. It’s just a lazinesss issue. This means I have to crawl out of the vaguely human shaped indentation of my bed and find where the hell I left my wallet.

Thankfully, Le Coucou was worth avoiding bed sores for. They should make that their tag line!

The place is gorgeous, which I do appreciate. Part of the reason we like going out to eat is not just to have someone cook for our lazy asses. We also like to look at nice people and/or decor.

Sometimes the downfall of going to a place for brunch is their menu can often consist of a few boring ass egg dishes, some pancake and a $19 bowl of bedazzled yogurt.

I love it when a restaurant also includes a few of their star dinner dishes too! Sometimes a fella likes to munch on chicken and foie gras before he’s properly awake!

Which is exactly what I did!

In addition to the obligatory avocado toast (yummy, spelt toast – said no adult before the 2000’s ever) and a simple but effective endive salad with blue cheese and some crispy pig part, my dining companion and I shred the most unusual chicken dish.

It came as this oddly speckled ball covered in a slice of sauced plum. I had no idea what to expect.

Even after consuming it, I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. Was it a big ass meatball stuffed with foie gras? Sort of, but then it was covered in some kind of edible condom on the outside to give it an alluring sheen.

If you still have your appetites, I applaud you.

138 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10013
b/t Canal St & Grand St
(212) 271-4252

Endives au jambon
endive with crispy iberico ham

Le Californien
sunflower spelt avocado toast, poached eggs

Crépinette de volaille aux foie gras et Fruits d’automne
chicken and foie gras, roasted plum

After brunch, we walked through the Chinese New Year madness.