Tri-Pie – Tomato, Vodka Sauce, Pesto

Insanely thin crust on a pizza is a rare but beautiful thing.

I really don’t know why more pizzerias don’t attempt it.

You can eat a whole friggin’ pie without really any guilt or stomach distention. It’s a glorious way to feel gluttonous without wanting to pierce your stomach with a fire poker to alleviate the painful bloating.

I’m almost positive Henry VIII would have beheaded far less queens if he had access to some thin crust.

We ordered the Tri-Pie, which is a combo of tomato, vodka and pesto sauces. no other toppings except some mozzarella. The flavors were subtle but still quite tasty.

Not as yummy as Rubirosa’s vodka pizza, but close. And with an even thinner crust, somehow.

A few things to note.

The meatballs are nice but nothing really stands out about them. They could use some fresh herbs.

They charge $2 to add shaved parmesan to several dishes, which seems like a rip off. If you’re ordering a pizza, just note they’ll give you some free pre-grated parm.

Also, the pizzas are quite pricey for being so damn thin – many of the large 16′ pies are near the $30 mark.

Joe and Pat’s original location is in Staten Island, so maybe they had to recoup some of the sticker shock from their new East Village rental.

But think of it like this, $15 per person for one’s fill of a delicious meal isn’t exactly breaking the bank. Just stop comparing it to what you’d spend for a shame ridden night of Red Barron and a pint of Haagen Dazs rum raisin (yes, I’m projecting).

168 1st Ave
New York, NY 10009 b/t 11th St & 10th St
East Village

(212) 677-4992

Meatballs with ricotta – $12

In case you don’t believe how thin this pizza was….