Joanne’s Spaghetti and Meatballs

Joanne’s is a somewhat tacky looking Italian eatery on the UWS that is more famous for being owned by Lady Gaga’s parents.

However, the decor is not why everyone is coming here. They’re coming here for Gaga. Hint: she won’t be there.

The crowd looked to be 2% locals and 103% tourists (is my math right?) but after trying the food, I’m actually shocked.


The meatballs were super flavorful and garlicky, the pasta was perfectly cooked and portions were ample.

The drinks were very tasty, a few of their names inspired by Lada Gaga herself.

While there are a ton of good Italian restaurants in the city, there aren’t an equal amount of casual and friendly spots where you don’t have to make a reservation a month in advance.

If I lived closer, I would definitely add this place in my rotation of no-brainer spots to get my grub on.

I can’t believe I got through this entire post without one single Gaga pun. What is wrong with me? Guess I’m off my game. My love game. That’s a Gaga song, right?

70 W 68th St
New York, NY 10023
b/t W Central Park & Columbus Ave
Upper West Side
(212) 721-0068

Joanne’s Meatballs – $9

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White Truffle Alfredo

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