Pork Schnitzel – $34

I have been trying to score a dinner reservation at Frenchette since it opened many months ago.

My lazy way of trying to check out a new, hard to get into restaurant is to wait until they start serving brunch.

And just like many upscale, better-known-for-dinner eateries, Frenchette was completely dead at brunch.

Even when we left around noon on a Saturday, there were only 2 other dining parties there.

Bad for the restaurant, good for me.

At dinner time, I want a little ambiance. I want people to gawk at, fashion to envy and I don’t even mind not being able to hear myself think.

Brunch is a different story.

I want silence. I want a humanless environment.

No one in the restaurant but me and a team of bored, hungover servers?

Deal me in!

At brunch, I’m here for the food. I’m here for the very tasty Pork Schnitzel with huckleberries and German potatoes.

I’m here for that desert-dry looking maple donut that was fantastic.

I’m here for the yummy sausage on pretzel roll and super thin and crispy waffle chips.

The food at Frenchette was much better than some of the lukewarm reviews I’ve read. But I’m thankful for those reviews.

They help ensure a post-apocalypse setting for me to inhale my food in peace.

Life after people?

Fine. As long as there’s schnitzel.


Maple Glazed Donut – $6

Rose Piscin

Boudin Blanc on Pretzel Roll – $19