I’m not sure if Egghead is riding on the coattails of LA’s insanely popular Egg Slut (with their yummy upscale breakfast sammies) or Chelsea’s BEC (less yummy upscale breakfast sammies).

Either way, they have a leg up on BEC because they have a better bun and they also now have fried chicken, which is a tired, tawdry, gimmicky way to lure me into any eatery.

Offer fried chicken atop a garbage can lid and I’ll still poke my head in and see what the fuss is all about.

What all three of these restaurants have in common is they are charging at least double if not triple what your local bodega will charge for a only slightly lesser version.

Now, I didn’t actually consume any of the more popular breakfast sandwich options, so should I even be reviewing this? Some may say no. Some may say much worse than that, come to think of it.

While the fried chicken tenders were perfectly crispy, seasoned and worked well with the relish and soft brioche bun, the egg needed some improvement.

It was served similar to McDonald’s, where you get this preformed disc of overcooked egg with zero gooey egg yolk. I mean, it didn’t render the yolk inedible or anything, I still scarfed down every morsel.

But it took away some of the Instagramness of the whole thing, which is really the only reason anyone under 35 does anything these days.

I think if you were to give someone the option of removing their least favorite arm or their phone, I don’t think it would be a surprise if one armed couture started coming down the local runways at fashion week.