Let’s face it. Indian food looks like Poop on a Plate.

Slop in a Pot.

Unless you go to a super upscale joint, where they make it look all pretty, it usually is not photogenic.

Dhaba is a solid, and popular choice amongst the plethora of Indian restaurants in the Curry Hill section of Midtown. It’s lively, on the upscale side and the food did not disappoint.

Definitely recommend the Murgh Chutneywala (Creamy Mango Chicken Curry) and the Purani Delhi Ki Papri Chaat (cold dish with crunchy things mixed with yogurt and chutney – weird sounding (and looking) but SO good).

I didn’t bother putting captions on any of my photos, because I honestly can not tell the difference between some of the dishes we ordered.

Also, when you order the side of Roti (sort of like Indian tortillas, much lighter than Naan) make sure you do NOT accidentally request 5 ORDERS of Roti when you meant to order 5 PIECES. They brought us out about 20 pieces of Roti, which they should have known was wrong but they probably wanted a good laugh.

108 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016
b/t 27th St & 28th St
(212) 679-1284