There aren’t a ton of high-end brunch options in FiDi.

There aren’t a ton of low-end brunch options either.

There aren’t a ton of appealing dining options in general here in the land of finance bros and no-sun.

However, Crown Shy’s appeal has apparently brought me all the way from sunny Chelsea to cold and dreary FiDi on this particular Saturday morning.

Crown Shy, brought to you by a former Eleven Madison Park chef, is located on the ground floor of the stunning Art Deco building at 70 Pine.

The restaurant interior is understated but still lovely; the entire place gives off hotel restaurant vibes. Pretty and Pricey.

We ordered the Skirt Steak and Egg and Biscuit situation, however, the star of the show was the Honey Glazed Bacon Bread with Ricotta.

Both unique and simple, this hefty slice of cake coated in a perfect layer of tiny crispy bacon bits was pure heaven. And then they go and give you a dollop of Ricotta and it’s game over.


While their biscuit could have used some work (and definitely about $5 too expensive) the skirt steak was delicious, gorgeously displayed and you get plenty of it. An anomaly.