I swear my favorite new NYC restaurants are all Korean.

The flavors are bold and the vibe is always casual, classy and fun. And I mean classy in the 80’s Klassy with a K sense.

While Cote is definitely on the more upscale side and will cost a few more smackaroos, it’s still all those words I just said above. Don’t make me say them again. Fine, casual fun and KLASSY.

You can go a few routes on the menu, but we all kept it simple and went with the $45 pp meat sampler.

It was plenty of food (especially once we added the kimchi fried rice) and perfect for when you don’t know what you’re in the mood for.

You can attempt to cook your own meat, but the service is prompt enough where you won’t have to lift a single spoiled rich finger.

I don’t know what those amazing chicken tenders are (didn’t see them on the menu) but the bartender gave them to us for free since we had to wait for our drinks a bit before getting our table. They were phenomenal!

Do whatever you have to, to get them. Complain about something, rip out a full clump of your own hair and say you found it in your fried rice. Worth it!

Reservations are a pain in the tokus to get, but I wouldn’t try to show up without one.


16 W 22nd St
New York, NY 10010 b/t Broadway & 5th Ave

(212) 401-7986