When people dine in Soho and then Yelp a bad review about it being overpriced, I just have to giggle.

What do you expect???

This isn’t the place to go for a bargain. Soho doesn’t have cheap eats except for a few beloved pizza spots.

Soho has fine dining and sub par dining at fine dining prices.

That’s it.

Cafe Altro Paradiso comes from the folks that brought us Estela. The spot known for the egg sandwich on a poppyseed danish. Yum!

Why didn’t breakfast sandwiches made with sweet pastries take off, after that?? People are dumb, I guess.

Since I was avoiding carbs on this particular occasion, I opted for two of the lighter dishes.

The Fish Crudo (isn’t all crudo made with fish??) and the Fennel salad.

I’m a sucker for both menu items.

Crudo is perfect for an app, since it’s super light but usually features nice bold flavors (and often photographs well).

I LOVE fennel but never buy it at the grocery store since it’s kind of a pain in the ass to prepare.

Fennel salads, however, do NOT photograph well, since fennel is white. And who wants to see that??

CAP’s fennel salad was just perfection. Loads of nice, crunchy fennel, chunks of green olives and little bits of provolone all blanketed nicely in some kind of lemon oil situation. SO GOOD.

Those two dishes (and zero beverages) plus tip set me back around $40 bucks. Not a cheap brunch by any means, but also totally worth it for simple but incredible flavors.

Especially considering Crudo of any kind is never going to happen in my kitchen at home.

Oh, I almost forgot! The swordfish was also very nice. Smaller sized portion but perfect if it’s sandwiched between two larger meals.

Fennel Salad with Castelvetrano olives and Provolone – $15

Fish Crudo with caper berries and horseradish – $18

Swordfish with salsa verde and potatoes – $25