Blue Ribbon Brasserie is one of those old school, upscale but casual neighborhoody joints that’s been around forever.

In a city where everyone is on the lookout for the hot new restaurant, places like Blue Ribbon are becoming more and more of a rarity.

I think there is something to be said about having a familiar and friendly go-to spot for a guaranteed good meal that is also guaranteed not to have Avocado Toast on the menu.

That is excuse enough to patronize these kinds of spots before they all become extinct.

97 Sullivan St
New York, NY 10012 b/t Spring St & Prince St
South Village


Steak Tartare – $17.50

Beef Marrow & Oxtail Marmalade – $19.00

I have NO clue what this is.

Shrimp Provencal Cheese Ravioli and Spinach – $34

Fried Chicken Mashed Potatoes and Collard Greens – $28.50