fried chicken sandwich
red cabbage, chili aioli, cilantro

Order anything on the menu at Blenheim and you won’t go wrong.

Except the Fried Chicken Sandwich.

You’ll read the description on the menu and be sucked in. “That sounds delicious!” you’ll shout (hopefully to someone you’re dining with and not some stranger at the table next to you).

Then, you’ll order said sandwich and be so disappointed.

“Where’s the chicken??” you’ll shout again (by now the stranger next to you has requested to move to another table at the opposite end of the restaurant).

Well, maybe I just got a lemon but my sandwich contained nearly no chicken. Perhaps, two very small chicken nuggets worth.

The sad part is, the sandwich had some awesome flavors going on! If there was some actual chicken inside, it would have been awesome.

Everyone else’s meals were delicious. No complaints. I hate them. Hate them all.

283 W 12th St
New York, NY 10014
b/t 4th St & 8th Ave
West Village
(212) 243-7073

baked ham & cheese
gruyère, blenheim ham, fried egg

eggs benedict
hollandaise, country ham, english muffin

egg sandwich
bacon, cheddar, mixed greens