Pretty much all of America agrees that Au Cheval makes the best burger in the USA.

But does Bun Boy think so??

Yeah….I guess he does.

As much as I despise jumping on bandwagons or being a sheep, I must agree with the general consensus that this is the best burger I, personally, have ever had.

I’m not sure what the issue is with some critics of the new NYC location.

Maybe they don’t think something as simple as a burger is worth a 3 hour wait?

Sorry but as someone who’s been to the original Chicago location three times, I must say that there is sort of a badge of honor about making an entire evening out of the maybe 10 minutes it will take you to scarf this puppy down.

The deal is the same in NYC as it is with Chicago.

Come early (the NYC location opens for dinner at 5 pm) get in line to put your name down (our wait just to put our name down was about 45 minutes) and then they text you when your table is ready (on a Saturday evening, our table was ready exactly 3.5 hours later).

In the meantime you can be boring and old and just go home and take a nap or you can go out to a few bars and drink the time away.

That’s what we did!

Then you really feel like you’ve earned a juicy, simple and perfect burger. And it’s the perfect soak up the booze meal for your drunk ass.

You can also just come for lunch and probably not wait too long at all.

But what fun is that??

A few notes.

The regular burger comes with two patties. The Double comes with three. Go figure.

Both the fried chicken and bologna sandwiches are both delicious and worth ordering.

The NYC location has a downstairs bar where you can have a drink while you wait and maybe follow our lead and take about 17 very subtle photos of Bobby Flay who’s seated right behind you. Don’t worry, he won’t suspect a thing because you are at an expert at this.

33 Cortlandt Alley
New York, NY 10013 b/t Walker St & Canal St

Downstairs Bar – Bobby Flay not included

The amazing fried chicken, you MUST order this.