I’ll have to admit. I was both confused and bored with Atla’s menu, when I was first perusing it online.

I noticed lots of fish options (which I always equate to healthy more than yummy) and I envisioned overpriced and pretentious small plates.

And I’m fine with all of that except for the SMALL part.

But I was pleasantly surprised, no, I was pleasantly shocked at how delicious everything was!

The two highlights were certainly the Arctic Char Tostada (speaking of small, this is a single serving situation) but definitely order the Fish Milanese for the table. Just for that sauce – such delicious lime cucumber mayhem. A more reserved, refined mayhem.

Definitely not a cheap affair, Atla is the perfect place to take your well-to-do pescatarians who might generally have a sizeable stick up their a** but occasionally take it out when the food is good enough.

Trust me, this food is stick-up-ass removable good. Yes, that’s a thing, poor grammar aside.

372 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10012
b/t Great Jones St & Bond St

Arctic Char Tostada

Mushroom Quesadilla

Fish Milanese