We all think about different things when we first wake up in the morning.

Some of us think of loved ones or troubles at work.

Some of us need a jolt of coffee before we can properly focus on anything.

Some of us grab our phones like they’re on fire and check Open Table or Resy to see if there are any decent availabilities at our current restaurant obsessions.

This is what I’ve been doing for the past month, with regards to 4 Charles Prime Rib.

Every morning, even though my bladder is bursting, I check to see if just maybe there is a reservation available past 5 pm but before 11 pm. Basically, if you’re 21 or 71 years old, you will have no trouble finding an acceptable time slot at 4 Charles.

I even enlisted my friend from LA to log into Resy.com at 9 PM (midnight in NYC) to see if she could find me a decent slot. No luck!

But because I have the temperament of a 71 year old, I was perfectly fine with eating at 5 pm. It was the day after Thanksgiving, after all, and my stomach was already accustomed to a ghastly amount of food being shoveled inside it at odd hours.

Ok, now that I’ve wasted all my energy on all that, I don’t have many words left for an actual review. Sorry.

The place is very charming. Dark, romantic old basement in brownstone in the West Village. Service is friendly and casual. Food is delicious, absolutely no complaints.

The mushrooms and corn sides are PERFECTION. Either one would be a fine choice but both would be finer.

The burger is the thing to order here (as is the off-the-menu French Dip). It’s a similar burger to their sister restaurant in Chicago, Au Cheval, who makes the best burger I’ve ever chowed down on. And I’ve done a LOT of chowin.

If you’re gonna dive into some actual prime rib, I would suggest the thicker Chicago or 4 Charles cuts, because the thin English cut slices grew cold quite quickly. Not anyone’s fault, just how it works with thinly sliced meats.

In conclusion, come here no matter what sad reservation time slot you get stuck with. 4 Charles is a very special place and, besides, the dining room is so damn dark you won’t what time it is!

4 Charles St
New York, NY 10014
b/t West St & Washington St
West Village
(212) 561-5992

Oysters – $3.95 Each

Elote Style Corn – Chili, lime, cilantro, parmesan – $12.95

Button Mushrooms – Garlic, Thyme, Cream Shery – $15.95

American Cheeseburger – $19.95 (with bacon $3.95) and Egg ($2.50)

Prime Rib – English Cut – $44