12 Chairs wasn’t our first choice for brunch on this particular day.

It wasn’t even our second or third.

After being turned away from the “We’re fully booked for the afternoon” Sadelle’s Snooty Bagel Emporium, we started to roam the streets of Soho (or South Village as SoHo adjacent is now called) looking for anything edible.

12 Chairs was packed (unlike the place next door) but the wait was fairly short, so we put our names down and hoped for the best.

Would we survive before our stomachs collapsed into themselves? Only time would tell.

12 Chairs serves a decent variety of Israeli fare in a dark wood laden, East Village vibe kind of setting.

Prices were decent and the food was fairly good all around.

The one thing we did not care for were the super bland pierogies. Even the sautéed onions and mushrooms on top could not save them. Not even the 1/2 cup of salt we also desperately added.

Do not order these.

But feel free to order anything else with my blessing. You’re welcome.

Grape Leaves – $8.50

Israeli Breakfast – $16

Pierogi – $11.50

Shakshuka – $11 (with Feta, add $3)